EU támogatás


Our company was founded in 2003 with the aim to provide a good basis for quality veterinary health care. In recent years, to meet the constant needs, we expanded our analysis options, to provide high-speed diagnoses to our partners.


With our courier service we are able to collect samples from the farthest corners of the country and communicating the results within 24 hours.


The samples are processed with high-performance modern machines and the results are transfered to our self-developed computer system. Following a validation, this system can automatically send the results by fax or e-mail to increase the speed of the service for our partners.


Thanks to our quickness and preciseness more and more pharmaceutical studies and foreign requests occured. ​​From September 2007 we are ready to serve these needs to the maximum, which includes processing a number fo samples from the neighboring countries.



Dr. Hegedűs György-Tamás

Head of laboratory